France, 1630. The Royal Musketeers are personal guards of King Louis XIII, defending the King against the dubious plots of Cardinal Richelieu. Athos, Porthos, Aramis, d'Artagnan, Rochefort, and MiLady DiWinter move around Paris, fighting duels and completing missions to earn the favor of the King and Cardinal. Both characters and players earn Favors throughout the game and bonus points are scored at the end when players reveal their true allegiances. The winner is the player who's earned the most Favor!

All For One is a pickup/deliver game for 3-5 players. Players are not tied to any specific character, rather each turn you choose which character to activate and then take actions with that character. Each player is secretly assigned one of the characters whose score will be added to their own at the end of the game. Your 'secret identity' helps drive decisions during the game, but in order to win you'll have to utilize all of the characters.

The board is an interconnected web of streets, some of which are patrolled by Cardinal's Guards. The guards serve to hinder the musketeers' progress. There are 6 named locations where the characters begin the game, and the other 18 locations are home to 1 plot token each. 2 of the tokens are horses, which can be ridden by the characters. The rest are used to complete missions.

The missions are printed on Mission Cards, which detail which character must complete the mission, which Plot Tokens are necessary to complete the mission, and the location at which the mission must be completed. Completing these missions involves collecting various Plot Tokens from around the board, and bringing them to specific places. Some missions involve getting 2 of the characters to a specific place at the same time, and some missions involve a duel between two characters.

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