All Things Green

All Things Green

Here you will find updates about the allotment, eco-church, and anything else relating to nature, gardening, and stewardship of the earth’s resources.


Eco Church – July

At the Eco Church service in May, I challenged people to decide to do something for the environment that they weren’t already doing. Thanks to those who told me what you have decided to do. Several of you remarked that you are going to eat less red meat – cattle and sheep emit methane gas … Continue reading Eco Church – July

Eco Church – May 2019

It’s great that the solar panels on our south-facing church roof are now producing electricity and will reduce our electricity costs as well as doing our bit to help the environment. This will also help us towards our goal of achieving the Eco Church Gold Award. Thanks to Bob Austen and Bob Jones for getting … Continue reading Eco Church – May 2019

Eco Church update – April

Jenny Newman and I were at the March Synod meeting at Bridgwater. It included a discussion and resolution on disinvesting at the earliest opportunity the shares Synod holds in fossil fuel companies such as Shell, BP and Chevron. There was an alternative resolution which proposed a more ‘softly-softly’ approach involving working together with other parts … Continue reading Eco Church update – April

Eco-Church update – February 2019

Almost every day we read or hear of news about our environment. Often the news is negative – like that about the fatberg found a few weeks ago in the Sidmouth sewers – caused by fat and cooking oil being poured down kitchen sinks and non-flushable products flushed down loos. More rarely is the news … Continue reading Eco-Church update – February 2019