My current project is Puzzlebrains

A bimonthly magazine containing around 25 puzzles, ranging from the standard to the not-so-standard. Many of my previously published puzzles have found a home there. Issue Three was published on March 01. The support forum is small but lively.

Older puzzles

These are largely puzzles that have concluded but are still around in one form or another and on which I wasted an inordinate amount of time in the past. ( Links open in a new tab/window.)

Masquerade (and other projects by Kit Williams)
The Ultimate Alphabet (and other projects by Mike Wilks)
The Fool's Errand (and other projects by Cliff Johnson)
MIT Mystery Hunt (on-going, links to archive)
Perplexcity (first puzzle hunt concluded, currently on hiatus)

Current Puzzles

These are puzzles or websites which are active and which I have either solved or on which I am currently wasting an inordinate amount of time. And all are highly recommended for the serious puzzler - The Puzzle Boat in particular is a tour-de-force. (Links open in a new tab/window.)

Panda magazine (in active electronic pdf publication)
The Grey Labyrinth (active puzzles and games website)
The Fool and His Money (whenever Cliff finally finishes it... pre-order now!)

The Runes (self-contained print publication)
The Puzzle Boat (self-contained puzzle hunt)
Labor Intensive (self-contained puzzle hunt)
Planetarium (self-contained puzzle hunt, lasts 13 weeks)
MIT Mystery Hunt (on-going, link to most recent)
Melbourne University puzzle hunt (on-going, link to most recent)

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